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About our training room...

Our barista training room is one of a kind, and the only training room of its kind in Arizona. We have 4 fully working state of the art espresso machines that we use for our training.  Whether your wanting to perfect your at home skills or open up a coffee shop, we can help! All of our machines are made by Sanremo and one being the Opera by Sanremo, which is what we pull our shots with regularly behind our coffee bar. By using this machine, we are able to control temperature, pre infusion, main infusion, post infusion, and any other variable that goes into pulling the perfect shot of espresso. We recently acquired the Cafe Racer by Sanremo, one of the top espresso machines in the industry, which Patrick, owner of Infusion, was part of putting together. 


Private Barista Training...

We offer private barista training to anyone who is interested. We will cover:


Latte Art


Cleaning Machines 

Drinks and Recipes



2 Hour Private Training: $75

4 Hour Private Training: $200

6 Hour Private Training: $400


If you're interested in scheduling a one on one training session, please contact us through our submission form. 

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