In 1984, Patrick O’Malley was introduced to something which would change his life forever; a broken espresso machine.  The espresso machine was still somewhat of a novelty item in the early 1980s and Patrick being good with his hands quickly fell in love with the artistic yet scientific nature of the coffee produced.  As a barman, Patrick quickly began learning how to enhance the coffee experience of those around him.  Although Patrick’s first focus was wine, he continued to work with and repair espresso machines, and Patrick was quickly realizing coffee was his passion.   He returned home to Arizona and started a new company selling espresso machines and providing service to customers in need of repair.  Shortly after opening his company, Patrick expanded his product line and began roasting beans.  He developed an affinity for tea and introduced several teas to his customers as well.   In 1998, Patrick decided he was ready to enter a new chapter in his life and sold his company with the goal of entering the world of wine.  However, this pipe dream lasted all but one year as he missed his mistress, coffee. 

In 1999, Patrick began Espresso Italia, a wholesale coffee and tea distributor with over 250 coffee and service customers state wide.  In 2010, Patrick purchased a 15 Kilo Roaster and began roasting again.  At this time, he developed a love for the education and wanted to become a coffee instructor.  Patrick pursued Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) for a formal education, becoming the 43rd participant in the world to receive his diploma from SCAE. In 2012, Patrick opened his International Barista & Coffee Academy (IBCA) to begin sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge with others.  Patrick later moved IBCA  into a state of the art facility, certified as one of 31 coffee labs in the world.  In collaboration with IBCA, he opened his first retail location, Infusion Coffee and Tea Crafters.  Here patrons can experience the coffee culture Patrick built through our wonderfully trained and certified baristas.  Patrick’s many accolades include: recently being presented the Passionate Educator Award by The Specialty Coffee Guild, being recognized as the distinguished Education Coordinator for Specialty Coffee Association,  and being certified as a licensed SCA coffee quality Q grader.