Free Public Cupping

We will be holding a FREE public cupping again on Saturday, July 23rd,  at 11 am!

Cupping is a practice where coffee is tasted and graded side by side in order to evaluate it. We do this regularly in order ensure the quality of the coffee we serve. We will be holding our very own public one where anyone can stop by and try many of our coffees.

Coffees we will be cupping will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram a few days before the actual event. We select different coffees to cup every time. 

No need to sign up or RSVP, just show up!

We are going to start holding coffee cuppings open to the public every couple weeks, so make sure to stop in and participate or just observe!

Note- It would be greatly appreciated if participants would refrain from using strong perfumes/colognes- strong smells will interfere with sensory.