Experience Coffee


Education • Quality • Passion • Customer Service


Our Mission is simple: By training the most passionate & service oriented baristas around we can share the finest hand crafted coffee & tea available made in our distinct style. We are committed to excellence and strive to share our knowledge and dedication to any and all who are eager to learn the story of each and every cup. 

Since April 2015, Patrick O’Malley's Infusion Coffee + Tea has offered customers a comfortable and welcoming place to enjoy locally roasted coffee and custom blended teas. Serving everything from the traditional morning cup-of-joe or breakfast tea to cold brew coffee and intimate pour over style coffee and tea experiences, our goal is to provide our customers a coffee and tea experience unlike any place around.



Enjoy your coffee experience  whether at home, drinking a cup with our baristas at the café, or enjoying a drink at one of the many restaurants we serve state wide.