Behind the Cafe

The Whole Story

Infusion is more than just a cafe – it's also a Certified Coffee Lab, Roastery, and world-class training center. See how it all started and how it all plays a part in your
Coffee Experience. 

Craft and Service

Infusion baristas are flavor experts, coffee nerds, and customer service masters. Explore what it takes to become a world-class barista, and read about our team's favorites on the menu. 

Sourcing Coffee

Patrick O'Malley flys around the world so often that the team had to put an extra clock in the shop showing Patrick time just to keep up! Discover why his specialty coffee curation keeps him moving.

Events and Classes

Ready to learn more about coffee? We have all kinds of classes happening at Infusion, from home brewing to full SCA certifications. Check out upcoming classes and sign up online.


Roasting coffee is a fine art and a science, all at once. Learn about the technical procedures that bring out the poetry of flavors that make up every cup of Infusion coffee.

Shop Coffee + Tea

Take your favorite coffee or tea experience home. We also have everything you need to get the most out of your favorite roast, with brewing equipment, grinders, and Infusion shirts and hats to make it official.

Experience Infusion

Convinced? Come visit us, pick up some coffee, or meet some fellow coffee lovers at one of our upcoming events.