Craft and Service

The Infusion team of baristas are all SCA certified, which amounts to an impressive level of training. Not only can they make some nice latte art, Infusion baristas are also trained in about a dozen brewing techniques, and know a great deal about flavor profiles. With their skillset, they can play matchmaker with whatever flavors you love or are craving to get you the perfect drink. Infusion is the only cafe in Arizona that offers this level of education to their team.

Patrick and Anca 2

Patrick and Anca O'Malley

Owners and Educators

Patrick and Anca O’Malley share more than a love for each other, but a love and passion for coffee and tea as they travel the world together teaching other coffee professionals. 


Justin Gusman

General Manager

Justin Gusman went to ASU for business management, working in restaurant management for five years. He has been with Infusion for a year and a half.

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  • 2+ years of experience in coffee
  • Favorite roast: Brazil
  • Favorite drink: Galacian Latte
  • Favorite brew method: Cold Brew



  • 2.5 years of experience in coffee
  • Favorite roast: Costa Rica Montañas
  • Favorite drink: Bourbon Barrel Burundi Cold Drip
  • Favorite brew method: Chemex



  • Roaster and Technician
  • Favorite roast: Push
  • Favorite drink: Spro'J
  • Favorite brew method: Hario V60



  • 1.5 years of experience in coffee
  • Favorite roast: Costa Rica Sonora
  • Favorite drink: Latte
  • Favorite brew method: Chemex