Brewsed Documentary

SnakeByte Media and Coffee Maverick Patrick O’Malley team up to provide insight into the lucrative coffee industry as they produce a documentary film to highlight the issue of underpaid and under-recognized farmers. 

Their Mission?

"We ultimately aim to separate the "Commodity" & "Specialty" market by bringing awareness to the consumers that have the purchasing power to influence the coffee industry towards more DIRECT TRADE coffee. In addition to educate roasters on how to thoroughly conduct direct trade, by buying directly from the producers, resulting in better wages for farmers, as well as more sustainable practices and ultimately, higher quality coffee."

Don't forget to check us out on social media! During the filmmaking process there will be up-to-date videos to share the progress, growth, and knowledge from the events of production.


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Want to donate to the cause? Check out our gofundme page!