Service and Technical Support

Any make, any model!

With over 49 years of combined experience, the Espresso Italia Technical Department cannot be matched. We offer repairs/parts, installation, general maintenance, water filtration system installation, and preventative maintenance.



Infusion Specialty Coffee and Tea

Milk Pitchers 

Knock Boxes

Cleaning Supplies

Water Filtration

Acaia Scales

Monin Syrups + Smoothies 

OCD, Tampers, Rubber Tamper Mat

Brewing Equipment: Syphon, V60, Chemex, Moka Pot, Cold Drip System, Coffee and Tea French Presses, Filters 


Espresso Machines: 

Sanremo Opera 

Sanremo Racer

Sanremo F-18

La Nuova Era Cuadrona Plumbed

La Spaziale Single Plumbed or with Tank

La Spaziale Two Group

Grinders also available

Coffee and Tea Equipment: 

Coffee and Tea BUNN brewer machine (ITCB)

Grinders also available

Coffee Programs

Programs for Espresso

Step 1: Choose your espresso machine (listed above) 

Step 2: Select an option that will best suit your company's coffee supply needs

Programs for Drip Coffee

We will provide you with coffee and tea equipment to fit your company needs and  water filtration and equipment maintenance, as long as your monthly purchases meet our minimum of coffee and tea products.


Are you planning a wedding, work event or party? Let us make it special! We can provide a fully equipped coffee bar (espresso, cold brew), experienced baristas, and other services to fit your needs. 

For more information contact our wonderful team at Espresso Italia:
1340 E 8th St. Suite 101, Tempe, AZ, 85281