Coffee Roasting

When green coffee makes the cut after the initial testing and grading process, it makes its journey to the roaster. Based on the qualities observed from grading, the team has a sense of how long to roast to bring just the right flavor out of each bean. The beans are roasted to a few different darkness levels to choose from and another state of the art machine is used to define a scientifically measured color profile. From the color profile, the team can begin to understand flavor notes they may expect from the coffee. The beans are also re-measured for moisture and density to understand any losses and if they affect our grading of the coffee. 

Each roast gets scored and profiled in a coffee cupping by several Infusion team members, again to CQI and SCA standards. The profile is a combination of tasting notes and aromas and even takes into consideration how the coffee feels in the mouth.

If we decide to purchase the coffee, we then begin the long process of sample roasting with different roast curves and approaches in order to find the best cup quality, flavor & roast profile we consider for each and every coffee we buy.

With the profile, the team can determine very specific brewing protocols that will bring out all of the tasting notes that make each bean special and turn down the volume on anything that might take away from the perfect cup.

Once again, Infusion takes this process one step further by using a custom designed espresso machine from San Remo. Patrick helped San Remo design the Opera espresso machine, which allows the barista to set specific pressure levels during each piece of the brewing process. Borrowing its look from cafe racer motorcycles, the Opera brews your coffee with an extra edge.