Coffee Sourcing

Specialty coffee is more than just a nice sounding name. Every coffee that Infusion stamps their seal of approval on is meticulously tested and profiled by the team, based on rigorous standards laid out by the SCA.

Infusion goes the extra mile, literally, to work directly with the farm that grows the coffee before bringing it into the shop. Patrick travels the world in search of the finest beans, whether by invitation from the farms or by stumbling into a synchronistic opportunity presenting itself when he’s in town for a workshop or competition.

Our green coffee is sourced through a variety of channels. Some are direct trade as a result of Patrick's work with farmers from around the world, and some from green coffee importers that we have vetted and trust. Regardless of where the coffee comes from, the buying process always starts in our Certified Q and SCA Laboratory to undergo our quality testing procedures.

The green coffee is evaluated using Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) protocols and standards using a variety of testing instruments and visual inspections of defects to ensure quality. These include Moisture and Density Meter, Water Activity, Meter, and Screen Sizing. Once we have completed these test of quality if the coffee passes our standards we move them to the roaster. 

If you’re a home roaster and want to purchase some green beans, stop by the shop or give us a call!

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